Friday, February 18, 2005

Unspunny: I´m here! Here!!!! Can´t you see, in the red bag where you stuffed me after weighing. HERE!
Susanna: what´s that tiny voice I´m hearing??? oh, UNSPUN YARN! Now where did I put that... HERE!
spunny: I´m bored and tired. You´ve tucked me in a tiny winey bag and in the same box with ACRYLIC FIBER! I´ve had it.
S: oh well but darling, I do have so many plans for you. Be patient, your turn will come. I´ve got other things I have to finish now.
Spunny: plans plans.. "I´ll make fuzzy feet. no, socks. no, mittens. or a potholder or 2000 breastwarmers" blaa blaa. I DON`T WANT TO BE BREASTWARMER!
S: hmm well. okay, what do you want to be?
Spunny: A bag of course, you idiot. Everyone else is turning their wonderful wool into al kinds of lovely bags, and you´re just planning to make some stoopid little fuzzy feet with a fringe of FUNNY. NO WAY SIS!
S: okay... I did´t know youd get so humpty about this...When I bought you, you were so nice and flexible...
Spunny: I´m not the only stubborn one here...
S: okay so I´ll make you a bag. When I have the time. I don´t have any needles of your gauge free now.
Spunny: Liar liar! Just put 6mm circulars into that drawer. SPUN ME!
S: well I quess I´ll have to then...

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