Thursday, September 24, 2009

Workout cuteness

My daughter needed new pants for gym classes. She insisted to have this model :)
I thought about making these like for ever. Then when I finally started - at the last possible moment - it took only 30min from cutting the fabric to finish. Why was it so hard to start?

I love the fabric, and I do have a whole lot of it stashed somewhere :).

It seems that life is not getting any easier. Sucks, because I´m starting to feel its worthless to even try to change things - theres always something bad waiting around the corner. But I try not to get depressed, basically life is going well, we´re healthy, children are happy, fall is coming (I´m doing my best to think that´s a good thing)... And I have two wonderfull crazy cats sleeping each side the computer :D. And when I go upstears to work, they follow and fall asleep behind the sewing machine. Gotta love 'em.

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Nina said...

Aivan ihana kangas! Mäkin haluun! Ihana syksy alkamassa, toivottavasti sullakin asiat paranee pikkuhiljaa.