Monday, February 15, 2010

Practising appliques

Made a dress and leggings for my daughter while learning to use the new darling machine. Making appliques is SO different now! Last of the five pedals turned out nicely, was so hard not to feed the fabric and just let the machine do the work! With my previous machine I had to basically force the fabrics to go to the right direction.

I drew the dress pattern myself, leggings are from newest Ottobre (and trust me, the biggest size 128cm is nowhere near that small, fits Melinda perfectly altough she´s more like D134. I only added 2cm lenght.). With the flower I used Wonder under and stitch n´tear underneath, stitched it with embroidery thread.

Now back to work, I´m planning on having my Etsy-shop running by tomorrow!

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Nina said...

Ihana mekko!