Monday, May 09, 2005

Poncho in my mind

I want this. But instead of making just one rectangle (?), I decided to make 2, like in Fanni-poncho, so that it will have a corner both in front and back, like this:


And back.Wine is made by my godmother, it´s now two years old. Last years wine which is now bottled, is called Melinda (sigh)! Aah I get tears into my eyes, I´m so moved by this gesture. The paper is just some add, my imagination is so poor, that I can´t figure out in my head how something will turn out. :D

My summer parfum ;D

Swatch for the ponchopattern (ooh she actually made a swatch!) But here´s the problem. Which colour??? First I thought I´d make it red, but wouldn´t it just make me look more fat (if that´s even possible...)? So, let´s vote. Grey, black, red, or maybe something completely different? Vote!

Tip of the day: if you want to make really beautiful stiches for the edge, like in this pic, you have to slip the first stitch purlwise with yarn in front, and knit the last stitch of every row. You learn so much from books in english... But hey, since you´re reading this, you must already know all tips they have in english books :D Ou and btw, poncho pattern from -yes- Weekend Knitting.

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Oslofia said...

Hi...I love the poncho!!! Unfortunately I don't understand finish...but I will enjoy seeing your when its done =)