Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project pics

Since I don´t have anything finished to show, here are some pics of my current project. These pants are for my own daughter, so they´re coming together slowly....
I just loooove topstitch. Always have, but had kinda forgot about it.

Sometimes I wonder, how many years I have to sew before I stop looking at my seams with admiration :). I hope I´ll never forget to enjoy about all the little details.

I have a love/hate relationship with pleats. I love to make them. They look great. But then again sewing them sucks in every possible way. Still I love it.

Also under progress is a new corset, which has to be finished in a week. Having a little problems with supplies, seems impossible to find black bone casing, agent doesn´t answer messages and don´t have enough time to order from UK. huh.
Fabric is embroidered fake leather. The corset is going to look fucking amazing!

It´s going to be similar to the White Dream, only have to make it fit better and a little shorter. This is the best thing (well one of them) about corsets, you don´t have to make a new pattern for every single customer.

I´ve thought about this language-thing quite a lot. I will be writing mostly in english from now on, but the Project runway -stuff and maybe some of the whining will be in finnish.


Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Kyllä noita saumoja saakin ihailla, on ne niin siistejä.

May said...

Tuo korsetti näyttää upealta.

Susanna said...

May, kivaa että jätit viestiä. Olen kaipaillut sua, mutta kun ilman blogilistan päivitystähän sitä ei edes muista ihmisten olemassaoloa, niin olin täysin tietämätön uudesta blogistasi :)))

Kamicha said...

Mikä ihana blogi! Jään tännen nyt vähäksi aikaa ihailemaan saumojasi!

Susanna said...

Kamicha, kiitos :) täällä riittää kyllä selailtavaa muutamaksi hetkeksi :))